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K Blast Kratom Extract Shot Energy Display Box

by K Shot

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$143.89 - $1,584.00
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K Blast Liquid Energy Shot Box

Looking for a powerful kratom experience in a convenient easy-to-drink shot? Look no further than K Blast Kratom Extract Shot. This kratom shot is a little different than what you may be used to. Simply twist the cap and the kratom will be released into the bottle. Give it a light shake, and drink!

But what sets K Blast Kratom Extract Shots apart is its high concentration of active alkaloids, the compounds responsible for kratom's effects. A specialized extraction process was used to concentrate these alkaloids, resulting in a potent shot that packs a punch. Each shot contains 100mg of raw kratom leaves which is more than enough to create a powerful experience.

Everyone's experience with kratom is different, so it's important to start with a small dose and see how your body responds. The K Blast Liquid Energy Shots are not recommended for beginners as their potency might be overwhelming. However, if you carefully dose and don’t consume the entire bottle, then newbies can feel welcome to try.

The best thing about kratom shots is their convenience. It's perfect for those with a busy and active lifestyle looking for a quick solution to their kratom needs.

Some of the benefits of K Blast Liquid Energy Shot:

  • Twist-activated kratom shot that’s released the moment the caps twisted
  • Made from the highest quality crushed kratom leaves available in South East Asia
  • A convenient way to consume your kratom on the go
  • High concentration of alkaloids that produce powerful and potent effects

Don't miss out on the power of K Blast Kratom Extract Shot today and discover for yourself why it's one of the most popular kratom products on the market!

    Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa Extract 100mg, Purified H2O, vegetable USP Kosher Glycerin, Natural Flavoring, Natural Coloring, M. Speciosa Alkaloids, Ascorbic Acid, and Citric Acid.

    Size: 1 Box of 12 Bottles = $12 per Bottle

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