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Fact Check: Can I Buy Kratom On Amazon?

Fact Check: Can I Buy Kratom On Amazon?

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Amazon has become the go-to place for many of us, and it gives so much variety and convenience. Whether you are looking for kitchen utensils or a new pair of gardening gloves, Amazon has it all, but can I buy Kratom on Amazon? The answer is a simple no. Even if you see various Kratom products on this virtual market, the chances of it being a marketing gimmick are quite high.

There are many reasons why Mitragyna is not up for sale on Amazon and other public forums. You cannot buy this herb from Walgreens, Walmart, and other superstores.

Since the FDA does not approve of organic substances like Kratom, it is not available for sale in places where anyone can order it or pick it up for use. This limitation is due to the unique effects of Kratom on individuals.

The various strains of Kratom will have different results for every user. Therefore, superstores and shopping websites cannot take responsibility for selling this botanical to the general public.

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Can I Buy Kratom On Any Online Store?

There are so many online shopping arenas like Amazon, but none of them can sell Kratom. Before 2012, Amazon offered a few Kratom strains as independent sellers made their accounts and began marketing Mitragyna for energy and pain relief.

However, the claims, not backed up by the FDA, along with the uncertainty of the legal status of Kratom in the USA, made the website remove this substance from its pages.

What would've happened if you bought Kratom from Amazon if it was not removed? Would it be a good choice? No! The reason for this is that all kinds of people can sell their products on this forum. The website operates in such a way that there is no central quality check; therefore, the shipped items can be different from what the seller claimed on Amazon.

Kratom online shops are the best place for your Ketum needs, and you will find all of them to be trustworthy. The exclusive online Kratom shops are reliable for many reasons that we will discuss here. However, are they better than Amazon? Yes, and the reasons will be clear as you keep reading.

Why Is Amazon Not For Kratom Shopping?

If you search Kratom on Amazon on your phone, you will see that the only products that show up are several books about this botanical. As you scroll the Amazon page, the herbal products that appear after the books include Kava, Ashwagandha, and other stimulants.

Amazon is a public forum where sellers from all over the world offer their merchandise, and it would be hard to locate the origin of the Mitragyna strain if a person from South Africa was selling it!

Moreover, if you find any item that s made to look like or suggests that it is made with Kratom, it is fake. Many vendors resell products on Amazon, and this can cause a lot of price hikes, unauthentic products, and even shady business practices. The knock-offs on sale scam the customer and spoil the real company's image.

Now imagine if someone was selling a leading American brand of Kratom on Amazon. The stock would be available, and the vendor would be waiting for customers to order. The same stock will be sent out to various buyers, and this old, stale, and unfresh Mitragyna product will remain in stock until the orders are enough to sell it completely.

Additionally, the stock warehouses are in different locations, and the vendor might need to be more careful in ensuring that there is no hampered packaging or broken seals. This means that the Mitragyna item can be contaminated and unsafe for use.

Supply Of Products And Amazon Selling Policy

Another reason why you cannot buy Kratom on Amazon is that the FDA does not approve of this botanical, and the DEA has many times stopped the imports of Kratom, due to which the manufacturing of Mitragyna was interrupted. Due to the disruptions caused by the ever-changing status of Kratom and the controversy by DEA, the supply of Kratom is unpredictable. Amazon can only sell products that are available at some times.

The sellers who offer products with botanical substances cannot verify the origin, and if there is a disruption in supply, it would also mean an unreliable source is involved. Amazon banned Kratom from the website due to these reasons, and now, you will not find any authentic Mitragyna items.

Legal Status Of Kratom

Kratom is allowed for use in America, but some states have restricted the consumption of this botanical. Amazon ships products all over America, and that means that if a substance is banned in a state, it cannot be shipped there.

This disparity in Amazon's shipping policy and Kratom's legal status in these states means that the online shop will have to keep a close eye on who is ordering Kratom and whether it can be sent.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Many people ask if they can buy Kratom on Amazon, and Kratom enthusiasts answer this question in different ways. Here are some of the answers that will help you understand why Amazon is not a good choice for Mitragyna.

Q: Where Can I Buy Kratom If It Is Not Available On Amazon?

A: There is a network of online shops that sell Kratom and other botanicals. The FDA disapproves of Kratom, due to which the American Kratom Association came into being. This association checks the quality of Mitragyna products and encourages shops to test all the products in laboratories so that the consumers can use them without suspicion.

Online shops are a safe and reliable source as they are supervised by the AKA and offer a shopping experience that does not require you to go out. The Amazon online shopping experience is similar to buying from verified Kratom online shops.

Q: Is Kratom Dangerous? Is That Why I Cannot Buy Kratom on Amazon?

A: No, Kratom is not dangerous since millions of people use it in America. It is unavailable on Amazon because the FDA does not allow Kratom consumption, and the Amazon website cannot sell substances that are not approved.

Moreover, the DEA and FDA have repeatedly stopped the import of Kratom, which means that the supply will be inconsistent. Another reason is that since the sellers on Amazon are from various origins, you will need help to verify if they are selling authentic, safe, and pure Mitragyna.

Q: Should I Buy Kratom On Amazon If It Is Available?

A: If there is any product that claims to have Mitragyna, it will be a marketing gimmick since the online giant has prohibited the sale of Kratom on this forum. If a vendor can sell something that is not allowed, they can always cheat the buyers and sell them subpar substances. It is always best to buy Kratom from the right source. Online and reliable smoke shops or head shops near you will be the best option for all Mitragyna users.

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