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Geographical & Street Names For Kratom: What Is Their Significance?

Geographical & Street Names For Kratom: What Is Their Significance?

Asad Khan Asad Khan
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There is a long list of street names for Kratom used in different parts of the world. People have been using Speciosa for thousands of years for a variety of purposes.

The legal status of Mitragyna is still in a grey area across the globe. It is declared legal in most states of the US, whereas some have completely banned its consumption. These uncertainties convinced sellers and buyers to assign some unique phrases to this herb instead of simply calling it Kratom.

 Let's get into the details of the street names for Kratom, their significance, and their origins.

Importance Of Street Names For Kratom

A street name is an identifying name given to a specific herb like Speciosa years ago. Street names are very important in areas where you can’t ingest Korth legally. A couple of street names for Mitragyna are used in different regions when buying. Both sellers and buyers are familiar with these alternatives.

These street names are important to avoid authorities interfering with Speciosa purchasing and buying. People use distinct names for this botanical to prevent any unwanted scenario. Moreover, due to the Speciosa legality concerns in various regions, you may not find it with its actual name. Calling the street names may do the job.

Geographical Names For Kratom

Like street names, Kratom is also identified with a number of its geographical names. People call it with various phrases as per their convenience or understanding. In Indonesia, people mostly call it Cratom and Biak. In contrast, this magical herb is famous as Ketum in the Malaysian community. As far as other parts of the world are concerned, it goes by other names like Mitragyna Speciosa.

Now, you are familiar with the geographical names of this botanical. Let's look at some street names for Kratom commonly used in different countries.

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Street Name For Kratom In Thailand

You can buy Speciosa in Thailand using different names, as listed below.

  • Biak
    It is used only in Thailand. It is the name of the island in Indonesia where it commonly grows.
  • Biak-Biak
    The origin of this name is still not confirmed. It is suspected that this name has come from an island it grows on. Like Biak, the name Biak-Biak is also used in Thailand.
  • Thom
  • This widespread name of Mitragyna Speciosa is frequently used in Thailand. Most sellers are well aware of it.
  • Kakuam
    It is another street name for Kratom that has gained popularity in the Thailand community.
  • Krathom
    Speciosa has been used for many purposes since the nineteenth century in Thailand. Among many of its street names, one is Krathom.

Street Names For Kratom In Indonesia

Indonesia is the top exporter of Speciosa, and you can find this herb under several names over there. Given below is the list of a few names:

  • Cratom
    Many Indonesian people call it “Cratom.” It is not a proper name and is just a misspelling of “Kratom.” But this name is also popular and common among Indonesian people and on certain Indonesian islands as well.
  • Gratom
    It is also used in Indonesia like "Cratom", "Gratom" is also a misspelled version of Kratom used on the streets of Indonesia.
  • Puri
    This regional name of Mitragyna Speciosa is used in many parts of Indonesia. Some of its surroundings are also familiar with this word.
  • Katawn
    It is one of the many street names used in certain Indonesian Islands. Indonesia is the biggest Korth producer, and you can find this botanical across the country with a variety of names like Katawn.
  • Kedemba
    Kedemba is a popular word used for Kratom purchases on Indonesian islands.
  • Kraton
    It is a common street name for Kratom and is frequently used in the Indonesian community.
  • Kratum
    It is used on some islands in Indonesia as an alternative to Kratom. It plays a crucial role when buying your favorite kratom strain.
  • Maeng Da Leaf
    This name is also used in Indonesia but doesn’t always refer to Maeng Da Kratom specifically.
  • Madat
    It means “opium” in the Indonesian language. The reason why Speciosa is known as Madat in Indonesia is that it interacts with specific receptors in the human body.


The Philippines mostly sells Maeng Da with the name of Mambog. If you are fond of consuming Mitragyna and are planning to visit this country, make sure you are familiar with this regional name.


A routine name for Korth in Vietnamese is Giam. However, people are also familiar with the word “Kratom”.

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Some Other Popular Street Names For Kratom

Kratom is a very popular traditional plant native to Southeast Asia. The plant's leaves have been used for many purposes since ancient times. A few more commonly used names for this botanical are:

  • Mitragyna Speciosa
    It is one of the most common names used instead of Kratom by botanists or researchers to avoid any confusion between so many street names.
  • Mitragynine
    Mitragynine is one of the alkaloids found in Speciosa. Many people, including researchers or botanists, also referred to this herb as Mitragynine.
  • Ketum
    It is also one of the famous street names for Kratom in Malay Kratom. Many people think the term “Kratom” is an English derivation of “Ketum.” It is not only used in Malaysia but is also common in other countries

Kratom Strains

Kratom is known not only by its street names but also by the particular market types. The most common Speciosa strains are classified into three colors.

This classification is based on the stem and vein color of the leaves. Three easily accessible strains are:

Green Vein Kratom is best for new users trying it for the first time. In contrast, White-veined Speciosa is a popular strain and a perfect alternative to caffeine, according to many frequent users. The red color of the veins is due to the highest concentration of alkaloid content, 7-hydroxy mitragynine, mitragynine, speciogynine, mitraphylline, and the list goes on.

Other than these three popular Korth strains, the market also has some superb blends to offer (as listed below).

  • Horn
  • White Sumatra
  • White Indo
  • Green Vietnam
  • Hulu
  • Red Bali
  • Borneo
  • Super Green Malaysian
  • Thai
  • Bentuangie
  • Yellow Vein
  • Maeng Da


Speciosa originated in Southeast Asia, and many people use it worldwide. Therefore, it has been assigned different names that make regional purchases easier. Some call it Mitragyna Speciosa, whereas others are familiar with the word “Ketum”.

Make sure to spend some time searching for the street names for Kratom before going to the local shop or making an online purchase. If you are a new user, knowing the street names of this herb will make your kratom purchase hassle-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: I am new to the Kratom world. What should I prefer? Powder or capsules?

Korth powder is a popular form and is widely used. In contrast, Speciosa capsules come with soluble gelatin or a plant-based coating layer. They have proved to be an excellent tool to mask the bitterness of this botanical. Being a new user, ingesting capsules will be a good approach if you don’t like the bitter touch of this herb.

Q: Red Vein Kratom vs. White Vein Kratom. Which one is more potent?

Red Vein Kratom is more potent than White Vein because red veins are harvested once Speciosa leaves become fully mature.

Q: Is it necessary to be familiar with the street names for Kratom?

Since Kratom has many names, it is not possible to be familiar with all of them. However, you must know the names frequently used in the area you live in. If you are a resident of Thailand, you should know what it is called over there. If you are traveling to another country, search for the regional names in that particular area. The same goes for the other regions.

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