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Mitraburst Kratom Extract Shot Energy Display Box

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Mitraburst Liquid Kratom Extract Shot

A kratom shot just bursting with flavor! Mitraburst makes some of the most flavorful kratom products available to the market. Their sorcery in being able to maintain a high concentration of alkaloids while enhancing the flavor with juicy berries is out of this world. It’s definitely part science and part art when it comes to Mitraburst Liquid Kratom Extract Shot.

The quality of strength will knock you off your feet and have you coming back for more. If the flavor doesn’t captivate your senses, then the effects certainly will. You’ll be full of energy before you know it. The Mitraburst Liquid Kratom Extract Shot is not to be taken lightly. It’s an extract which means the potency is much higher than non-extract products. If you’re new to kratom, we would suggest experimenting with our range of kratom powders or moderately dosed kratom capsules. But if you think you’re ready to handle the strength then carefully dose and enjoy the experience.


Mitraburst Kratom prides itself on its natural methods. Whether it’s harvesting or capping the lid to the extract, each phase doesn’t involve tarnishing the integrity of the Kratom product one bit. It’s an all-natural, chemical-free, and very potent Kratom Extract!


Some of the benefits of Mitraburst Liquid Kratom Extract Shot:


  • Highly concentrated Kratom extract with powerful alkaloid ratios
  • Made from the finest quality Kratom leaves in South East Asia
  • Potent Kratom shot that should be taken with caution if you’re a newbie
  • All-natural herbal supplement that doesn’t use any added chemicals or foreign ingredients


Take your kratom experience to a new level with Mitraburst Liquid Kratom Extract Shot. Order yours today and see how potent quality kratom can be!

Ingredients: Water, Mitragyna Speciosa Extract, Natural Berry Flavoring, Stevia (natural sweetener)

Size: 1 Box of 12 Bottles ($11.99 per Bottle)

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