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Pure Leaf Kratom Adjustable Measuring Spoon

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Find your perfect serving size with our precise, double-ended, adjustable measuring spoon. These spoons were made for measuring your favorite kratom powders but you can use them for just about anything. Slide the adjuster up or down to select the portion you desire. This spoon allows you to select between teaspoons and tablespoons, and splits these measuring units up into tenths!

The tablespoon end measures up to 1 and 6/10 tablespoons or 13 grams, whereas the teaspoon side measures up to 1 and 3/10 teaspoons or 3.5 grams. Both units are converted to grams for your convenience. This nifty measuring spoon will pair perfectly with our Pure Leaf Kratom Reusable Mesh Bag with Zipper. Use it to mix together your favorite veins and strains. You can try this out with our Pure Leaf Kratom, Raw, or OPMS Variety Packs.

Please note that kratom powder is not included with this spoon.

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