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Vivazen Kratom A High-Risk Bet?

Vivazen Kratom A High-Risk Bet?

Dan Marcus Dan Marcus
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When it comes to kratom, there are a few niche merchants you may turn to if you’re searching for anything specific. Several sellers, including Vivazen Kratom, may spring to mind when it comes to kratom injections.

You’ve undoubtedly seen Vivazen in your neighborhood kratom store. They’ve been there for a long, but in recent years they’ve had a lot of problems. If you’re considering purchasing their items, it’s critical that you do your homework and learn everything there is to know about the company. Here’s everything you need to know about Vivazen, including the good, bad, and ugly.


Who Are They, Vivazen?

Vivazen specializes in kratom shots and is situated in Utah. They sell via stores, but they also have a website where clients may place direct orders. Because of the association of the brand Vivazen with substandard kratom products, their validity has been questioned over time.

However, the firm that experienced problems with its kratom was Vivazen Botanicals, Not Vivazen, it was an entirely different company, but because of the same name, Vivazen suffered in the market.

Other firms appeared to be seeking to profit from the brand Vivazen by using it to sell their own goods, which turned out to be bogus. Vivazen is attempting to re-establish its brand in the kratom market by suing two independent firms for trademark infringement.


What Do Customers Have to Say?

There are a lot of conflicting reviews for Vivazen, no doubt due to the brand being connected with what turns out to be two entirely different kratom merchants. It’s nearly hard to identify which reviews are for Vivazen shots and which are for other goods with a far shadier past and a history of causing users trouble. Their customer service appears to be inadequate as well. According to consumer reviews on the internet, they are slow to respond to any inquiries or difficulties you may have.


Coupon Codes for Vivazen 

On their websites, Vivazen offers a variety of promotions, including those for significant holidays. You may frequently save up to 20% by using a discount code that can be found straight on their website. You can also subscribe to their newsletter to be notified of current specials and to receive promotional offers and discount codes. They have a free kratom rewards program that allows you to accumulate points per purchase that you can use on future purchases. To make an account, simply register with them.


Policy on Refunds

Vivazen provides you 60 days to return any unused portion of your items if you are displeased with them. Simply fill out a refund request on their website, and they’ll send you a pre-paid shipping label to return your items.


Weekends and holidays are not typical shipping days for Vivazen. Each item comes with free standard delivery, but you can upgrade to fast shipment at a greater cost. They do offer you an order tracking number in a confirmation email, so you can track your package and know when to expect it.



Vivazen is a kratom conundrum. You may discover both positive and negative evaluations of its items, but it’s difficult to tell which are related to the trademark infringement lawsuit and which are not. At this point, it appears that you’d be better off buying from more trusted businesses who, at the very least, lab-test the items they sell, given their lack of standing with the AKA and absence of lab testing.

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