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Just CBD Sleep Nighttime Gummies 1000mg Jar

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Just CBD Sleep Nighttime Gummies 1000mg Jar

Introducing Just CBD Gummies for Sleep, the perfect choice for those seeking a natural way to improve their sleep quality. These gummies come in a variety of delicious fruit flavors and colors, making them a fun and convenient way to enjoy the benefits of CBD. Whether you're dealing with sleep difficulties or simply want an easy way to relax before bed, these gummies are the ideal choice.

Our CBD Sleep Gummies are a combination of CBD and melatonin, which work together to provide a powerful sleep aid. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a natural sleep aid derived from the hemp plant that interacts with certain receptors in the body. Melatonin is a hormone that the body produces to regulate sleep and circadian rhythms.

The combination of CBD and melatonin in these gummies creates a potent sleep aid that can improve sleep quality and reduce anxiety. Additionally, better sleep can boost your immune system and heart health. The amount of time it takes for the gummies to start working varies from person to person, but usually it takes about 2 hours for CBD to enter the bloodstream.

Key Features:

  • Infused with potent CBD oil and melatonin for a powerful combination of natural sleep aids.
  • Available in various strengths, including 250mg, 500mg, 750mg, 1000mg, and 3000mg.
  • Available in a variety of fun, fruity flavors and colors.
  • Convenient way to incorporate CBD into daily routine.
  • Promotes restful sleep and can improve sleep quality.
  • Can reduce anxiety, improve mood, boost immunity, and strengthen heart health.
  • Verified by an independent third party lab.
  • Do not drive or operate heave machinery while using this product.
  • Do not use if pregnant.
  • Consult a physician if you are taking medication, before using this product.

Ingredients: Corn syrup (from corn), sugar (from beets), water, gelatine, citric acid, natural and artificial flavors, hemp derived cannabidiol (CBD*), melatonin, pectin (from fruit), vegetable oil (coconut, canola) and carnauba leafwax (prevents sticking), FD&C Yellow #5, FD&C Red #40, FD&C Yellow #6, FD&C Blue #1.

Gummy Flavors: Cherry, pink grapefruit, watermelon, strawberry, orange, blue raspberry, lime, grape, green apple, mango, pineapple & lemon. 

Contains: Tree nuts (coconuts) 
No artificial sweeteners, low sodium, peanut free

Flavor: Clear Bear Multi-Colored Bears

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