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OPMS Extract Sampler Pack

Proudly presenting the OPMS Extract Sampler Pack, a must-have for those seeking a potent, pure, and portable solution to their lifestyle needs. This powerful bundle is carefully crafted to deliver the versatility and convenience you desire. Inside this thoughtfully curated collection, you'll find OPMS Black and Gold extracts in both capsule and liquid form, providing you with a wide array of options to suit your extract preferences and consumption style.

What sets this sampler pack apart is its commitment to quality and purity. The Kratom used in OPMS extracts is 100% organically grown and harvested at the peak of its maturity, ensuring an exceptional experience with every use. To extract the best of its properties, OPMS utilizes a unique cold-water extraction process that enhances the alkaloid content, guaranteeing the utmost potency in each product.

The convenience of the OPMS Extract Sampler Pack is truly unmatched. The capsules come in a blister pack, perfect for on-the-go use, so you can enjoy the benefits of Kratom anytime, anywhere. Whether you choose to blend the extracts into your favorite foods and drinks or savor them on their own, this sampler pack gives you the flexibility to integrate Kratom into your daily routine seamlessly.

In this pack, you will find the OPMS Gold Kratom Shot Liquid Extract, a powerful and concentrated liquid extract that delivers quick and effective results. Additionally, the OPMS Gold Kratom Extract Capsules, offered in a convenient two-pack, provide a more measured and controlled way to enjoy Kratom. Not to be outdone, the OPMS Black Liquid Kratom Extract Shot offers a unique and potent alternative, and its counterpart, the OPMS Black Capsules Kratom Extract, provides a similarly satisfying experience in a capsule form. Together, the Gold and Black extracts offer a range of effects that surpass the standard OPMS Silver Kratom, making this sampler pack the ultimate choice for discerning Kratom enthusiasts.

In conclusion, the OPMS Extract Sampler Pack is the ideal solution for those seeking a superior Kratom experience. With its pure, potent, and portable nature, this bundle grants you the freedom to tailor your Kratom consumption to suit your preferences. Whether you're new to Kratom or a seasoned enthusiast, you'll want to add this sampler pack to your collection and discover the extraordinary effects of OPMS Black and Gold extracts for yourself. Embrace the power of Kratom with OPMS and elevate your lifestyle to new heights.

Key Features:

  • 100% organically grown and harvested at its peak maturity for the best experience
  • OPMS uses a unique cold-water extraction process that enhances alkaloid content
  • Capsules come in a convenient blister pack that you can take to go
  • OPMS Gold and Black are superior to OPMS Silver Kratom in effects

OPMS Gold Kratom Shot Liquid Extract x 1
OPMS Gold Kratom Extract Capsules 2 Pack x1
OPMS Black Liquid Kratom Extract Shot x 1
OPMS Black Capsules Kratom Extract 2 Pack x1

OPMS Gold and Black 2ct. Capsules and Shot

OPMS Extract Sampler Pack

The OPMS Extract Sampler Pack offers the benefits of versatility, convenience, and potency. With both OPMS Black and Gold extracts in capsule and liquid form, you can choose your preferred extract strength and consumption method. The organic, peak-maturity harvesting and unique cold-water extraction process ensure a premium experience. The blister pack for capsules allows for easy on-the-go use. Superior effects compared to OPMS Silver Kratom make this sampler pack stand out, providing a pure, potent, and portable Kratom solution to elevate your well-being.

OPMS Gold and Black 2ct. Capsules and Shot

The Benefits of Extracts

Kratom extracts offer potent effects and versatility, providing a concentrated form that delivers quick and pronounced results. They can be easily consumed, whether blended into foods or ingested on their own, and their portability allows for on-the-go use. With unique and specialized effects, Kratom extracts cater to diverse preferences and needs, making them an appealing choice for a powerful and adaptable Kratom experience. Kratom extracts are very potent and must be used responsibly.

OPMS Gold and Black 2ct. Capsules and Shot Banner


Is OPMS potent?

Experience the potency of OPMS Extracts, chockfull of mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine. These formulas provide a potent serving of the main alkaloids found in Kratom. Precisely formulated, OtMS makes sure each extract providex the perfect medley of these powerful compounds. Unleash kratom's full potential with the ease and reliability of OPMS Extracts.

How do I use these products?

You can consume the this extracts in the sampler pack by taking them on their own, or you may opt to blend the extracts into your favorite beverages or foods. We advise always shaking liquid shots vigorously before drinking them and taking the capsules with water or any other beverage of your preference. The choice is yours, providing the flexibility to adapt Kratom consumption to your preferences and lifestyle.

What are the potencies of each product?

The OPMS Gold and Black extracts included in the sampler pack are known for their potent effects, thanks to their unique cold-water extraction process that enhances alkaloid content. Beginners are advised to start with lower serving sizes to gauge their individual response and adjust as needed. The OPMS Black Liquid Extract Shot has 375mg of mitragyna speciosa; OPMS Gold Liquid Extract Shot has 280mg per bottle; OPMS Black Extract Capsules have 310mg per capsule; and OPMS Gold Extract Capsules have 200mg.

How does OPMS Gold and OPMS Black compare to OPMS Silver?

OPMS Gold and OPMS Black extracts stand out as distinct and more potent alternatives to OPMS Silver. While OPMS Silver Kratom is a standard Kratom variety known for its balanced effects, OPMS Gold offers a more robust and concentrated experience. The OPMS Gold Kratom extract is renowned for its higher alkaloid content, delivering enhanced relaxation, mood elevation, and pain relief. On the other hand, OPMS Black Kratom extract surpasses both OPMS Silver and Gold in potency, providing a more intense and long-lasting experience. Users often report heightened sensations and increased euphoria with OPMS Black, making it a preferred choice for those seeking powerful effects. Overall, OPMS Gold and Black extracts offer a step up in potency and effect duration compared to the more moderate impact of OPMS Silver Kratom.

How do I find out which OPMS extract is best for you?

Discovering your ideal OPMS product within the OPMS Extract Sampler Pack is a journey of exploration. By sampling each product one at a time, you can unlock a personalized experience that allows you to truly understand their unique effects. Take your time to assess how each extract resonates with your body and preferences. Whether you start with the OPMS Gold, OPMS Liquid Gold, or any other variant, this methodical approach empowers you to make an informed choice, ensuring that your selection aligns perfectly with your desired Kratom experience. Unveil the perfect match for your needs through deliberate and enjoyable experimentation.

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