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Pure Leaf Kratom Sample Powder Bali Gold

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Pure Leaf Kratom Sample Powder Bali Gold.
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Pure Leaf Kratom Powder Gold Bali Sample

We have cared about the connection with the natural world for as long as we can remember, which is where our love of Kratom comes from. We journeyed far and wide, arrived at the foothills of Bali, and never looked back.

Kratom trees have thrived in the hot and humid climate of Bali for thousands and thousands of years. The striking red leaves and the way they capture the sunlight inspired us to go in search of more. The result was our Bali Gold Kratom that’s trusted by many of the 15 million American who class themselves as regular users. When you want to make the most of every moment, why would you settle for anything less?

Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa
Serving Size: 3 grams

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