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Pure Leaf Kratom Powder Box of Stay Fresh 20g Packs

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Box of Pure Leaf Kratom Powder 20g Packs

There are so many Kratom Packs in this box that it feels like Christmas! With the Box of Pure Leaf Kratom Powder 20g Packs, you get access to our most popular branded Kratom strains. You have the pleasure of choosing between any 4 strains available and each pack contains a single dose of 20g which you can use to jumpstart your day.

 At Pure Leaf Kratom, we aspire to bring you the best quality, best tasting, and highest performing Kratom Powder across the industry. We have plenty of experience with Kratom which is how we’re able to make such a fine product. Each packet of Kratom powder is made from the rich leaves of the Mitragyna Speciosa plant to ensure authenticity.

 If it weren’t for our close relationships with local South East Asian farmers, we wouldn’t be able to achieve such a powerful product. The locals have generational knowledge of Mitragyna Speciosa as it grows naturally in their backyard. Pure Leaf Kratom seeks to bring you a true Kratom experience as if you were on the islands yourself.

 Enjoy experimenting with the 4 different strains in the Box of Pure Leaf Kratom Powder 20g Packs. Each pack is dosed with 20g of crushed kratom powder that is powerful and long-lasting!

Some of the benefits of Gold Extract Maeng Da Liquid Kratom:

  • Comes with a total of 20 packets in 4 different kratom strains
  • Each box contains 3 Maeng Da, 3 Bali Gold, 3 White Borneo, and 3 Red Kali
  • Can be mixed with smoothies and juices or taken alone with water
  • Offers you a range of different effects that you can experiment with

Try new Kratom strains you’ve never tried before! Order our Box of Pure Leaf Kratom Powder 20g Packs and enjoy a wide spectrum of effects!

Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa
Serving Size: 3 grams

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