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Island Kava Capsules Hawaiian

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Enjoy an island-like experience with Island Kava Capsules Hawaiian. Island Kava brings the beauty of island life to you in their special Hawaiian Kava Capsules. Close your eyes, wait for the effects, and you’ll be transported to the lush evergreen forests of Hawaii where all your struggles seem to disappear.

Island Kava is a reputable brand that’s been around since 2014. They specialize in producing some of the highest quality Kava products in the industry. Island Kava is known for using specifically the lateral root of plants ages 7 years or older to guarantee the purest alkaloids. Any experienced Kava user can instantly tell the difference between Island Kava and other brands. Island Kava's commitment to excellence can be felt the moment you consume their Island Kava Capsules Hawaiian.

Due to the pure alkaloid extraction, the effects are even more soothing and relaxing. Create an island-like environment at home by soaking up some sun with your sunglasses on and the islands will be right with you. Kava has long been known as a ceremonial and calming tradition in the South Pacific. Many cultures have enjoyed the effects and supposed medicinal properties of this amazing plant. There is a definite fabled appreciation for Kava that goes back many centuries.

Some of the benefits of Island Kava Capsules Hawaiian:

  • Premium grade Kava that comes straight from the Pacific Islands where they grow
  • Grown all naturally and harvested by local farmers to ensure authenticity
  • A great solution to easing stress and creating a relaxing mood
  • Made by a well-trusted Kava brand that prides itself in its organic structure

Take a trip to the Hawaiian Islands with Island Kava Capsules Hawaiian. Order yours today and see the beauty of island life for yourself!


KavaKava, Magnesium, Stearate, Cellulose

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What makes Tongan, Fijian, and Hawaiian kava distinct?

Each region’s kava has unique characteristics due to differences in climate, soil, and cultivation practices. For instance, Hawaiian Kava, known as 'Awa in the Hawaiian language, is renowned for its traditional use as a social and ceremonial beverage, offering a range of benefits

Are there different types of kava from these islands?

Yes, there are many varieties of kava across the Pacific Islands, with over 80 types in Vanuatu alone. Each type has a different chemotype, which affects its effects.

How do the effects of these kavas compare?

Tongan kava is often described as uplifting and less sedative, making it good for social settings. Fijian kava tends to be balanced, offering relaxation without heavy sedation. Hawaiian kava, or 'Awa, is revered for its quality and is considered noble, meaning it’s suitable for regular consumption.

Can I mix different kavas from these islands?

TextWhile you can mix different kavas, it’s important to understand each one’s effects to predict the combined impact. It’s recommended to try each kava individually first.

Is there a difference in taste among these kavas?

Yes, the taste can vary. Tongan kava is known for its smoother taste, while Fijian and Hawaiian kavas might have a more earthy or peppery flavor.

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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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