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Island Kava Capsules Tongan

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The Kava plant grows in remote parts of the world. Exclusive only to South Pacific islands like Hawaii, Fiji, and Tonga. Kava is one the rare healing plants in the world and only islanders in these secluded regions get to experience its benefits. But the Island Kava company has established personal relationships with some of the local farmers and is now working together to bring you authentic Kava products.

The effects you feel from Kava come from the root of the plant. A special compound named kavalactones gives the plant its incredible effects. By extracting the lateral root of the Kava, the product will be more pure and free from nasty debris. Island Kava prides itself on the purity of their products. Starting with their Island Kava Capsules Tongan. Sourced directly from the Tongan islands, these kava capsules give you a taste of Pacific island life. Unadulterated, chemical-free, and 100% pure Kava root. Island Kava has mastered the art of Kava production and we’re sure you’ll enjoy the experience.

You can take the Island Kava Capsules Tongan on the go for added convenience. There’s no kava powder to mix, just easy-to-consume kava capsules that you can take at any time. Choose Island Kava’s Tongan Capsules for your daily dose of Kava!

Some of the benefits of Island Kava Capsules Tongan:

  • A high-quality Kava product made by local farmers from the Tongan islands
  • A ceremonial beverage that helps you achieve a balanced state of mind
  • Pure and unadulterated product that uses no chemicals or foreign ingredients
  • Premium grade Kava and 100% pure and free from foreign chemicals

Get a taste of island life in the South Pacific with our Island Kava Capsules Tongan. Order yours today and experience an elevated sense of well-being!


KavaKava, Magnesium, Stearate, Cellulose

**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.**


What makes Tongan, Fijian, and Hawaiian kava distinct?

Each region’s kava has unique characteristics due to differences in climate, soil, and cultivation practices. For instance, Tongan kava is known for being smooth and uplifting, suitable for daytime use.

Are there different types of kava from these islands?

Yes, there are many varieties of kava across the Pacific Islands, with over 80 types in Vanuatu alone. Each type has a different chemotype, which affects its effects.

How do the effects of these kavas compare?

Tongan kava is often described as uplifting and less sedative, making it good for social settings. Fijian kava tends to be balanced, offering relaxation without heavy sedation. Hawaiian kava, or 'Awa, is revered for its quality and is considered noble, meaning it’s suitable for regular consumption.

Can I mix different kavas from these islands?

TextWhile you can mix different kavas, it’s important to understand each one’s effects to predict the combined impact. It’s recommended to try each kava individually first.

Is there a difference in taste among these kavas?

Yes, the taste can vary. Tongan kava is known for its smoother taste, while Fijian and Hawaiian kavas might have a more earthy or peppery flavor.

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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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