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Just Kratom Extract Gold Shot Liquid Kratom

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 Just Kratom Gold Kratom Chocolate Flavored

High-quality Gold Liquid Kratom never gets old. Gold Kratom combines the effects of two different Kratom strains to achieve a desired set of effects that are said to be more euphoric. Every Kratom brand makes its own version of Gold Kratom. Because Gold Kratom is simply the combination of any two kratom strains, there are many variations of Gold Kratom in the market today.

Just Kratom has mastered its own Gold Kratom formula. The experience is always joyous, and relaxing, and feels like a weight is being lifted off your shoulders. With the flavor of sweet chocolate, you’ll have an extra big smile when drinking the Just Kratom Extract Gold Shot. Extract shots are very potent and stronger than regular-dosed kratom powders, capsules, and tinctures. A higher dose of alkaloids creates a more powerful experience that seasoned kratom users are taking a liking to. If you love strong, pure, and high-performing Kratom Shots, then you can’t go wrong with Just Kratom’s Extract Gold Shot.

For some, Kratom Shots can be a little too extreme which is okay. Just Kratom offers other great Kratom products that aren’t as intimidating to beginners. Try Just Kratom’s capsules and powder for a lower dose option and one you can properly dose yourself.

Some of the benefits of Just Kratom Extract Gold Shot Liquid Kratom:

  • Premier quality Gold Kratom that combines the effects of two different strains
  • Has a tasty Chocolate flavor to enrich your kratom experience
  • Creates feelings of calm, euphoria, and an elevated sense of well-being
  • Made from 100% pure, potent, and high-performing Kratom leaves

Taste the best Gold Kratom you’ve ever had with Just Kratom Extract Gold Shot Liquid Kratom. Order yours today in small quantities or in bulk for better pricing!

  • 12 bottles per display box
  • 150mg Mitragynine

Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin, Water, Kratom Extract, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Natural & Artificial Flavors

Size: Single

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