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Mit 45 Raw Green Leaf Kratom Powder

by Mit 45
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Mit 45 Raw Green Leaf Kratom Powder

Enjoy your kratom mixed in a smoothie, juice, or water with our Mit 45 Raw Green Leaf Kratom Powder. Green Vein Kratom is always a good option. Whether you’re just starting out with kratom or have been trying it for years, Green Vein kratom has one of the highest concentrations of alkaloid levels compared to most strains. The potency is out of this world and should not be taken lightly. MIT 45 has produced some of the finest Green Vein Kratom on the market today. It features a high alkaloid concentration and purity of no other strain can compete with!

You can mix your kratom powder with just about liquid to enhance the experience. Pour a scoop of juice, a smoothie, or any of your favorite beverages to take your kratom experience to the next level. MIT 45 produces premier-level kratom that is distinguishable from other kratom powder producers. Using its special extraction process, MIT 45 is able to attain high levels of alkaloid concentration without disrupting the integrity of the leaves. It’s a science and art when it comes to MIT 45.


The key chemical in Kratom is Mitragyna Speciosa which is what creates the effects kratom users have come to love. It’s pure, powerful, and free from any chemicals or foreign ingredients so what you’re consuming is clean purified Kratom.


Some of the benefits of MIT 45 Raw Green Leaf Kratom Powder:


  • MIT 45 uses one of the best extraction processes to ensure high quality
  • Green vein kratom powder boasts strong and long-lasting effects
  • Great way to consume your kratom when mixing it with juices and smoothies
  • Some of the purest green kratom powder available in the market today


Are you ready to experience high-quality Kratom powder? Then order our Mit 45 Raw Green Leaf Kratom Powder and see what the rave is all about!

Size: 125 Grams

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