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Mit 45 Raw Leaf Kratom Powder Bundle

by Mit 45
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Mit 45 Raw Leaf Kratom Power Bundle

Raw, crushed, premium Kratom powder in all your favorite strains! Mit 45 Raw Leaf Kratom Power Bundle offers you white vein, green vein, and red vein Kratom Powder in its purest form. If it's from MIT 45, you know it's the best. This brand is renowned for its special extraction which optimized alkaloid content in the Mitragyna Speciosa plant. By attaining high ratios of alkaloids, MIT 45 kratom will smack you across the face with its potency!

There’s no better way to consume kratom than in powder form. You can mix your Mit 45 Raw Leaf Kratom with beverages of any kind and enjoy licking your lips right after. Mix it with smoothies, shakes, orange juice, water, or whatever you feel like experimenting with! The best thing about Kratom Powder is that you get to control the amount that you consume. You can’t do that with kratom shots, capsules, or other forms of Kratom. You’re the one in charge when you have your own Kratom Powder to mix!


If you were looking for purity and performance, our Mit 45 Raw Leaf Kratom Power Bundle truly has it all. Each strain offers something a little different. You’ll notice a smooth onset of effects that lasts for several hours. Enjoy every moment of it when taking Mit 45 Raw Leaf Kratom!


Some of the benefits of Mit 45 Raw Leaf Kratom Power Bundle:


  • Gives you options to choose from depending on your needs at the moment
  • Made from the best-crushed kratom leaves available in the South East Asian region
  • Taste great when mixed with juices, smoothies, or shakes
  • A unique extraction process ensures high alkaloid ratios for a powerful product


Level up your Kratom game with our Mit 45 Raw Leaf Kratom Power Bundle. Order yours today in single bundles or bulk for larger discounts!

This Bundle Includes:
Mit 45 Raw White Leaf Kratom 125g powder x 1 Jar 
Mit 45 Raw Red Leaf Kratom 125g powder x 1 Jar
Mit 45 Raw Green Leaf Kratom 125g powder x 1 Jar

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